Pokémon Go has its First Death After Teen is Shot Breaking into House

An 18-year old chap has been shot dead in Guatemala after breaking into a house to hunt down Pokémon


Jerson Lopez de Leon was playing the with his mate, when they decided to trespass on someones property to capture a rare Pokemon. According to Spanish press site – La Prensa – Leon was attacked and shot five times following the break-in at a property in Chiquimula. He died at the scene, whilst his friend suffered injuries and was taken to hospital.

pokemon go

pokemon go1

The augmented reality app has taken the world by storm and has already been downloaded by at least 15m people since it was launched last week.

It has been praised for improving mental health as it helps get kids and adults out the house and active. However, it’s also come under fire for causing accidents and causing a public nuisance in some locations.

I know the goal is to catch ‘em all, but be careful out there folk!

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